Melbourne Transport Solutions: August 2012

August 14, 2012

Victorian Speed Limit Review Released

VicRoads has (finally) released their speed limit review after announcing it and taking submissions many months ago.
Few major points which come from it which I think are great:
Remove 80 km/h buffer zones and replace with '60 ahead' signs on the approaches to rural towns.
I think the previous government started doing this but it got halted, so to see this task completed will be great.
Review the 70 km/h and 90 km/h speed limits on Victorian Roads
This basically means Victoria is following NSW's lead at exterminating 70 and 90 zones. I'm not too sure about this one, because there are some 70 roads in my area where 60 is too slow and 80 is too fast and I'm afraid that most 70 roads will end up going down to 60.
Increase the speed limit on some collector roads to 60 km/h
This is my favourite recommendation. In my area, there is a lot of collector roads that warrant a 60 but got slashed to 50 ten years ago. Bring this one on I say!
VicRoads will allow local governments to change permanant 40 km/h school speed zones to time-based 40 km/h zones
Finally some common sense prevails. However disappointing that it's not an immediate blanket change. Council has to act to put these in place. I've noticed that Whitehorse Council started doing this on some roads a few months ago though.
VicRoads also stated that the Monash Freeway in the inner city will stay at 80 km/h because of ...the lack of emergency lanes and the limited sight distance...
Also, country freeways will not go higher than 110 km/h because it would ...increase the risk of crashes, add to transport costs through increased fuel consumption and produce high levels of emissions...which is disappointing as they stated that going 120 along the Hume for example would save 9 minutes over 200 km instead of doing 110.
Oh and there is a Google Map so you can find out changes in your area. Some are online now, more will be in the future they say.
Sorry it's been quite a while since my last post. Been quite busy of late!