Melbourne Transport Solutions: Calls for Vermont Intersection to be Fully Signalised

February 23, 2012

Calls for Vermont Intersection to be Fully Signalised

The intersection of Boronia Road and Morack Road has been highlighted by concerned Vermont Primary and Secondary School personel as in need of an upgrade, with the current pedestrian traffic light crossing being inadequate.

Since EastLink opened back in mid 2008, traffic on Boronia Road has risen and it is now making the intersection more congested, especially around school drop off and pick up times. Despite the pedestrian lights having detector loops (sensors in the side street asphalt which pick up stopped vehicles, sending a signal to the pedestrian lights to change to red and giving side street vehicles a chance to access the main road), vehicles are spilling out perpendicular to the carriageway.

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Ventura Bus Lines has also complained, explaining that it is difficult for route 742 buses to get through the intersection and making the right hand turns. VicRoads have stated that there are currently no plans to upgrade the intersection in any way.

Source: "Stop signal for Vermont traffic lights" - Melbourne Weekly Eastern

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